Tea and HFCS

Arizona tea contains high fructose corn syrup.  Snapple tea does not.

And Snapple tea is on sell at Harris Teetor grocery stores.

A for your info post!

Kate Thorn



No information this time, but I do have an interesting sidenote to report.

I have been on blood pressure meds for years now.  My meds have not

changed  in the past 6-7 months–but my Blood Pressure has!  I am

contributing this primarily to the changes in my diet.

My blood pressure is a very cool 108/60–My doctor did not believe the

nurse’s reading—so he took it again himself.  And he asked me about what

changes I had made.  I did not get past the cutting out of HFCS–and he

interrupted me with the telling of his lastest medical convention and how

he learned about how it blocked the hormone leptin that tells you when you

full  or not—I interrupted him at that point–and explained I already knew

that and added in the mercury contamination.  From his silence, I think he

was unaware of that one.  At any rate I  am very fortunate to have such a cool

doc–and such an intelligent one!!

Kate Thorn

About Bagged Salads

Here is the article link:


Bottomline, no matter what what anyone else may say–wash salad greens before eating.

And use them up quickly.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

About Nutrasweet/Aspartamine/Equal

There is a lot of spin out there.  You can be your own guinea pig and quit the products and see how you feel.  I believe in stopping a substance and seeing if there is a difference without it.   I had a significance difference in concentration and mood after the 60 days off of nutrasweet.

I have had people say, but I have diabetes; I have to drink sugar free colas.  Let me word this differently.  Are colas in any form beneficial to us?  No.  You have diabetes and that affects your entire body, but you are going to consume cans full of chemicals?  A body already overloaded due to the diabetes.  I can find no logic in that argument.

If you are thirsty, drink water.  Drink herbal teas without sweetener.  Avoid caffeine in chocolate and drinks–it is a powerful vasoconstrictor–exactly what a diabetic does not need.

Now for the urls:




And that is just to get you started.  It is your body.  You alone are responsible for its care and maintenance.  No one can do this for you.

Do your own research.  Think logically.

And good luck.  Eating healthy in the fast food age is a challenge, but it can be done.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

Where Did MSG Really Go?

It really did not go away.  Why should that be a surprise?  The FDA finds mercury in the major sweetner used in the US–one that some other countries will not accept in their food supply–but is given freely to us.  

Look at MSG’s new names:









I had intended to do an article on Nutrasweet, but the last article opened the proverbial can of worms.  Diet sodas do not make you lose weight–but they do poison your body.  

I was dieting once, drinking tons of flavored water, diet coke, and eating foods with artificial sweeteners in them.  I was working on a tele unit and a patient asked  a soda.  I took him a Diet Pepsi–he took one look at it and said emphatically, “That is poison.  I will not drink it.”  I apologized and brought him a regular soda.  

I had no time to talk with at that moment as I was passing medications to my 5 patients, but when I was through, I went back to his room and asked why he referred to the diet soda as poison.  He was reluctant to share with me, but he did tell me that he was a research scientist and worked for the FDA–and that it was a known poison and should be banned, but money was involved.  Now I was skeptical and it showed on my face.  I TRUSTED the FDA (so naive back then).  He then asked me if I had a computer.  I replied yes–and he said do your own research.  The really bizarre stories about nutrasweet–they are true, and government has the research to back them up, but the public will never know it.  At that point I just sat down in a chair.  He went on to say it took 60 days to cleanse the body of nutrasweet (aspartamine).  He further said it caused seizures, mental confusion and cloudiness.  I was dumbfounded.  He sat he had said too much and for me to do my own research.  

I had been drinking a lot of substances with nutrasweet in them—and I had been having trouble concentrating at work, but I chalked that up to the crazy business of the unit.

60 days later, clean of Nutrasweet, I no longer had concentration problems.

As for MSG–I have to do more rsearch.   But I think it is in nearly every prepared food we eat.  

Until I get the research done, at least you know some of the side effects and all the many names it hide beneath.

Kate Thorn

All about Spinach!

Yes, the food that made Popeye strong!  First from Wikipedia:


Part of the post vanished.

If you have a patio with sun exposure or a garden site, it is best to grow your  own veggies–spinach, tomatoes, rosemary, basil, squash–if not available take advantage of farmers markets.  Best veggies are ones you grow–you do not have to deal with the pesticide question then.

Kate Thorn

More on HFCS

Labels are Tricky

I had a late lunch and wanted a light supper–so I had a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer.  I did not check the label before I ate it.  Mistake number 1.  So while I was eating, I was reading the label–and nearly at the end was the infamous HFCS.  I did eat 1/2  ( a small half at that!).  I can always eat some yogurt if this is not enough.

For newcomers to this blog, I want to give some links out regarding HFCS (high fructose corn syrup):












(note this study was done in 2009–and 50% of items tested contained mercury)












I will stop for now–I only scraped the surface—and someone else made the autism/food connection too.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”


The only yogurt I have found thus far without HFCS is Stoneyfield.  They also have a Greek yogurt called OIKOS.  If you are watching your fat and sugar–this is the preferred brand:  below are the stats on this particular yogurt in vanilla flavor  (sugars will go up in the fruit added ones.).

Total calories per serving:  110

1 serving = 5.3 0z

Total Fat = 0  (absolutely no fat of any kind!)

Cholestrol = 0

Total Carbs = 12 gms

Totals sugars = 11 gms

Total protein = 15 gms

Review–quite thick and creamy–a little on the strong side; I added a touch of

nutmeg–delicious and oh so healthy!!

This yogurt is on sale in Harris Teetor for a dollar per container–pretend it is

a diet food–and it all of the sudden is cheap!!  And good for you.  This whole

adventure is about more than losing weight–it’s about creating healthy habits

that will get and keep the weight off AND make us healthier in the process.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

And Yahoo Agrees!

I clicked on a link about quality and length of life:


Good info!

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

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