Not Eating Enough??

How can that be?  My calories seem sufficient.  My fat grams are decreasing. I am eating tons of veggies (secretively, I think I am turning into a rabbit!).

But I have a problem.  I am experiencing constipation–not something I should be having a problem with–with all my veggies, fiber rich rich cereal and bread–not to mention–nuts!  I thought perhaps I was not getting enough fat–so yesterday I skipped lunch and ate popcorn–did help a bit.  But not enough.

Today I researched it–and per the information available, I have cut calories too much!  So today, even though now watching what I eat is a habit, I am going to try and eat more than I usually do.  And this is the first bacon and egg on bun, per Snappy Lunch style in Mt. Air y, NC, that I have had since I started this!  Can I say it tastes exquisite!

Kate THorn

“one day at a time”


Rough Day

As I try to eradicate Coca Cola from my life and diet–I have been waking in the middle of the night.  Last night it was 0330–I slept only 2.5 to 3 hours–but I wanted a Coke so badly.  I found my Russian tea ingredients– mixed it up–had 2 cups–not one–and was still dragging.  Went to a meeting from 10:00 til 11:00–back home –had a small lunch and then crashed until after 5:00 pm–Had another cup of Russian tea–No HRCS in this–but has sugar.  Still sleepy.  I am probably not going to be writing much for a few days.  Cola withdrawal is bad–been there before.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

New Site on Mercury and HFCS

This breaks down just how “unnatural” this sweetener really is.  For starters, corn syrup is comprised of 100% glucose.

http://www.healthy. net/scr/Column. aspx?Id=1126&ColumnId=31

Very scary reading.


Much Better Day

Despite the 2 breakfasts, one in the middle of the night and one in the morning, today was really good–calorie wise, fat gram wise.  Of course, it was a nearly meatless day, so there was a drop in protein.

And after reading about oranges, I had fresh orange juice with supper and for dessert, 1/2 of an apple and 12 bing cherries.  And even though the calorie count for the day is low–I am not in the least hungry.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

Middle of the Night Morning

I awoke at 0300–but as I looked at the time, half-awake, but yes, with my glasses on, I thought it said 0500.  That is morning to me.  I did not want ceral this morning, so I opted for yogurt–even though it has HFCS in it, I cannot afford to throw it away and buy all new.  So it will be eaten, but no more than 2 a week.

By the time I had yogurt eaten and was trying to drink unsweetened tea, I was thoroughly awake and saw that it was only 3:30.  Needless to say, I went back to bed.  And slept for 4 more hours–and of course, when I awoke I was hungry.  This time I had my usual oat squares, a full cola (bad caffeine withdrawal), and my almonds–my calorie count was over 500–and the day had just begun!

I am going to leave the subject of HFCS for a while–and give some useful info on what is good food and why–for one to eat.

This may cover more than one day And I am going to start with oranges and mandarin oranges.

If buying mandarin organges, purchase the ones packed in juice, and drain them prior to eating.

Before I say anything else about oranges. I want to clarify a statement re: the recommended daily requirement of both B and C vitamins.  First they are water soluble, meaning if you have an excess, it is very efficiently excreted in your urine.  Second, any time you are under stress, you use up your B’s and C’s really fast.  Given this proven information, there can be no true recommended daily requirement.  Are they  basing that value on person who has a stress free life?  That person does not exist.  B  and Cvitamins help maintain a positive attitude and energy!

Ok that said, Oranges provide 100% of the dairy required amount of Vitamin C and flavanoids.  They are also a good source of  Vitamin A,  Amino Acids,  Vitamin B, Beta-Carotene, Pectin,  Potassium, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iodine, Phosphorous, Sodium, Zinc,  Maganese, Chlorine, and Iron.

Regular consumption of oranges help retard the development of hardening of the arteries,  A compound found in oranges  called liminoid has been to aid against cancers of the mouth, skin, lungs, breast, stomach, and colon.  Also acts as an antioxidant and protects cells the damages of free radicals. Oranges also aid in the reduction of the production of cholesterol.  Oranges aid in the production of digestive juices thereby aiding in the relief of constipation.  And for the men, oranges help to keep sperm healthy.  Daily consumption is believed to decrease risk of heart disease.  Vitamin C aids in the stimulation of white cells to fight infection thereby building a healthy immune system.  Aids in thew prevention of kidney stones.  The abundance of polyphenols in oranges have shown to provide protection against viral infection.  Vitmin C has shown to have anti-aging properties and also is helpful in preventing stomach ulcers.

And this is the skinny on oranges.

Eat healthy–read labels.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

Calorie and fat grams–bad day

I ate too much today.  Everything I ate was totally healthy . . . I was not under 40 fat grams–and even healthy fat can make you gain weight.  So tomorrow is another day  and I will be more careful.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

High Fructose Corn Syrup–What This Means To You

I have been researching this ingredient that is so prevalent in so many foods, and I have come to the same conclusion as many others.  HFCS (better know as High Fructose Corn Syrup) is not good for us and may be causing serious health problems.

I had yogurt this morning and my caffiene fix for the day, and while I was eating, I decided to re-read the labels.   Back in the 70’s when I ate a lot of yogurt and lost weight–it had sugar in it–but no HFCS.  Now my yogurt has HFCS–even my coke has it –and it did not used to have it.  Both surprised me–both also had sugar.

First I am going to just discuss what exactly is HFCS. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a sweetener made by processing corn syrup to increase the level of fructose, usually to 42-55% of the total sugar conten, with the balance being glucose.  It is used extensively as a sweetener in processed foods and soft drinks and in baked goods.  However, it is also included in many foods not normally considered as sweet foods.–source–medical dictionary.

Fructose is a natural substance found in fruits some vegetables, and honey.  It contains 4 calories per gram.  Fructose produces a lower post meal in blood glucose than sucrose.

Sucrose is also known as white sugar and occurs naturally in sugar cane or sugar beets.  Sucrose contains equal parts of glucose and fructose.

Lactose is a sugar derived from milk.

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate derived from starch that is often used as a filler in processed food.  But it is still defined as a type of sugar.

Corn syrup is derived from cornstarch and is primarily composed of glucose.

Crystalline fructose is a cornstarch derived, crystallized sweetener that contains close to 100% fructose and is found in sweetened foods and drinks.

The above definitions are courtesy of Diabetic Forecast, The  Healthy Living magazine.

I will stop now –this is a greal deal to absorb–but I want to stop with these last researched thoughts.

Obesity was not the problem that it is now in America before the advent of  HFCS addition to most foods.  There is no safe way to eat this substance in moderation as it has crept into so many foods.  A recent study stated that when one consumes glucose, there is a stop-eating signal given by the brain at some point.  Cosuming HFCS does the opposite–the signal given by the brain to the body is to eat MORE.  How scary is that?  I read  one study that stated it affected our body in the same way consumption of alcohol did. And lastly, just a few days ago,  in the Washinton Post of the finding of mercury in HFCS–all of it.  Considering how insidious it is in appearing in so many prepared foods, and the increase in autism and alzheimer’s–maybe the smoking gun in both processes and obesity in not genetics, vacines–but the poison locked in the very food we eat.

Kate Thorn–now discontinuing cokes.

“one day at a time”

More Bad News for Soda Addicts

I am going to quote this article found in Reader’s Digest–the first paragraph of it at least.  Feel totally free to disagree and pursue your own research:

“Knock back a few soft drinks and you may kick up your blood pressure.  According to a new study, adults who consumed more than 74 grams of fructose per day–the amount in 2.5 sodas–increased their likelihood of developing high blood pressure by 36%.  That is addition to a bloated risk of obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.  And diet soda may not be any safer.  In a recent Harvard Medical School study, women who drink tow or more servings of articially sweetened soda were found to have double the risk of kidney function decline, which can destroy that organ.”

Also in my browsing regarding this–Coka-cola has 38 gram of sugar in it–Fanta Orange has 52!  Whoa!  And I thought Coke was bad.  I had just gotten an icy cold ginger ale out of the fridge when I read this–the ginger ale went back, and I drank water, which after drinking quite a bit, is starting to taste pretty darn good!

I have been researching sucrose (table sugar) vs fructose.  Scary info out there.  I am not finished yet; when I am, I will post my findings with sites mentioned.  At present, I am cutting my intake of fructose (corn syrup).  As I said, some of the results were scary.  Read labels–I do it for my cat!  Now I am doing it for myself!

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

Chile Beans with Alcohol?

Below your calorie/protein count for the day on is a pie shaped graph breaking down everything.  Very visual.  Easy to use.  But WHERE did that alcohol come from?  I could not figure it out.  I went through the past 2 days custom foods (under view custom foods)–and low and behold I had added 6 gr of alcohol to my chili beans.   Eeewww!  So you might want to glance at that chart each day.

Cool and very tasty foods found recently:

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds–nutritious snack–dry roasted–total calories = 100.  Total fat = 8 gms; sat fat = .5 gms and unsaturated fat = 7.5 gms.  Protein = 3 gms and Carb are 4 gms.  Came from Walmarts in a multipk box.

Smart Food Cranberry and Almond popcorn clusters: also nutritious and quite tasty.  NO high fructose corn syrup!  Calories per 1 oz bag = 120.  fat grms = 2 (unsaturated); carbs = 24 grms; Dietary fiber = 5 grms; Protein = 1 grm.  Came from Walmats in multipak box.

The Special K protein shakes are found at Walmarts also–Drink one when you have a strong urge to snack helps a lot.  They have 180 calories–but 10 grm of protein, which is good.  If you are diabetic, they do have sugar in them.  They have 18 grams of sugar in them–but at least, the calories contain something besides sugar (my coke is pure sugar).

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

Eat This Not That

This appeared in yahoo health news this morning.  My coke was at the top of the list.  AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Link is:

It is a real eye-opener.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”

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