About Nutrasweet/Aspartamine/Equal

There is a lot of spin out there.  You can be your own guinea pig and quit the products and see how you feel.  I believe in stopping a substance and seeing if there is a difference without it.   I had a significance difference in concentration and mood after the 60 days off of nutrasweet.

I have had people say, but I have diabetes; I have to drink sugar free colas.  Let me word this differently.  Are colas in any form beneficial to us?  No.  You have diabetes and that affects your entire body, but you are going to consume cans full of chemicals?  A body already overloaded due to the diabetes.  I can find no logic in that argument.

If you are thirsty, drink water.  Drink herbal teas without sweetener.  Avoid caffeine in chocolate and drinks–it is a powerful vasoconstrictor–exactly what a diabetic does not need.

Now for the urls:




And that is just to get you started.  It is your body.  You alone are responsible for its care and maintenance.  No one can do this for you.

Do your own research.  Think logically.

And good luck.  Eating healthy in the fast food age is a challenge, but it can be done.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”


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