Where Did MSG Really Go?

It really did not go away.  Why should that be a surprise?  The FDA finds mercury in the major sweetner used in the US–one that some other countries will not accept in their food supply–but is given freely to us.  

Look at MSG’s new names:









I had intended to do an article on Nutrasweet, but the last article opened the proverbial can of worms.  Diet sodas do not make you lose weight–but they do poison your body.  

I was dieting once, drinking tons of flavored water, diet coke, and eating foods with artificial sweeteners in them.  I was working on a tele unit and a patient asked  a soda.  I took him a Diet Pepsi–he took one look at it and said emphatically, “That is poison.  I will not drink it.”  I apologized and brought him a regular soda.  

I had no time to talk with at that moment as I was passing medications to my 5 patients, but when I was through, I went back to his room and asked why he referred to the diet soda as poison.  He was reluctant to share with me, but he did tell me that he was a research scientist and worked for the FDA–and that it was a known poison and should be banned, but money was involved.  Now I was skeptical and it showed on my face.  I TRUSTED the FDA (so naive back then).  He then asked me if I had a computer.  I replied yes–and he said do your own research.  The really bizarre stories about nutrasweet–they are true, and government has the research to back them up, but the public will never know it.  At that point I just sat down in a chair.  He went on to say it took 60 days to cleanse the body of nutrasweet (aspartamine).  He further said it caused seizures, mental confusion and cloudiness.  I was dumbfounded.  He sat he had said too much and for me to do my own research.  

I had been drinking a lot of substances with nutrasweet in them—and I had been having trouble concentrating at work, but I chalked that up to the crazy business of the unit.

60 days later, clean of Nutrasweet, I no longer had concentration problems.

As for MSG–I have to do more rsearch.   But I think it is in nearly every prepared food we eat.  

Until I get the research done, at least you know some of the side effects and all the many names it hide beneath.

Kate Thorn


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