No information this time, but I do have an interesting sidenote to report.

I have been on blood pressure meds for years now.  My meds have not

changed  in the past 6-7 months–but my Blood Pressure has!  I am

contributing this primarily to the changes in my diet.

My blood pressure is a very cool 108/60–My doctor did not believe the

nurse’s reading—so he took it again himself.  And he asked me about what

changes I had made.  I did not get past the cutting out of HFCS–and he

interrupted me with the telling of his lastest medical convention and how

he learned about how it blocked the hormone leptin that tells you when you

full  or not—I interrupted him at that point–and explained I already knew

that and added in the mercury contamination.  From his silence, I think he

was unaware of that one.  At any rate I  am very fortunate to have such a cool

doc–and such an intelligent one!!

Kate Thorn


About Bagged Salads

Here is the article link:


Bottomline, no matter what what anyone else may say–wash salad greens before eating.

And use them up quickly.

Kate Thorn

“one day at a time”